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pa Avaitor Solglas

Solglasgon anvnds fr att skydda dina gon frn direkt solljus samt frn hg energi synligt ljus frn skada gonen. Det frbttrar visuell komfort samt klarhet genom att skydda gat. Dessa typer av glasgon r bland den populra typ av glasgon. Det gller i mrkt grna linser inuti gyllene frgade ramen. Brottsbekmpande
cheap ray bans tjnstemn svl kndisar som syns oftast kldd i denna typ av solglasgon. Solglasgon kan kategoriseras i polariserade solglasgon, spegel solglasgon, klassiska solglasgon och recept solglasgon.

Det finns olika typer som spegel Solglasgon; klassisk kvadrat speglade flygkaptener och polariserad pilot Sport flygare.

Spegel solglasgon: Spegel solglasgon r den frsta typen av aviator solglasgon. Dessa glasgon knnetecknas av silver eller trkol skimrande linser som terspeglar den utomstendes syn vad braren ser. det kan vara ltt repig nr br som vl hlla i rutan.

Polariserade solglasgon: Dessa typer av glasgon r utformade fr att vara snygg och fungerar fr att blockera Solen strlar. Dessa r tillverkade med jod kristaller i linsen filmen.

Klassiska solglasgon: de r oval formade. Ngra av de klassiska glasgon har en drap militr grna tonade i gyllene ramar.

Recept solglasgon: dessa r solglasgon fr dessa Ridning, krning. ven om lins och ram frgerna r ngot mer begrnsat med recept solglasgon, du kan fortfarande bra dem med en tonad recept lins, och ingen kommer att kunna tala om skillnaden. Dessa typer av glasgon kom genom sitt namn p grund av deras teardrop form, och de r tv till tre gnger strre n ditt ga socket.

Pilot solglasgon r utformade med ltt och hllbar metall ram. Hur mycket du vill spendera fr att skydda dina gon. Kpa bsta mrken som Ray Ban, GUCCI osv.

3. Vlja polariserad eller icke polariserad par lins: denna typ av lins kommer i tv olika typer av lins som en polariserad lins samt icke polariserad lins. Polariserad lins r lite dyrare n icke polariserad.

Olika typer av aviator solglasgon r: Classic Pilot flygkaptener, polariserad Aviator stil, Retro pilot GD stil etc r ngra av dess typer.

cheap ray ban outlet Pilot flygkaptener look verkar vara frevigad For Ever. Dessa solglasgon kan vara summan av flygkaptener fr alla generationer.

denna typ av solglasgon har flera funktioner:

1. Premium metall eller plast skld ramar p Solglasgon.

2. Senaste och snygga mn och kvinnors aviator solglasgon med pris billigare n formgivare.

Pilot krkort
cheap ray bans stil: Dessa solglasgon har flera funktioner som:

100% UV400 skyddade kvalitet linser om krkort aviator Solglasgon.

Bidraget som driver aviator solglasgon
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Senaste och snygga mn och kvinnor solglasgon med pris billigare n design[Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland och Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon] . AustralienArticles Connexes:

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Reverend Murray C Farwell

Reverend Murray C. Farwell

Reverend Murray C. Farwell Died peacefully in the early hours on
cheap ray bans Monday morning, July 7, 2014 fortified by the Sacraments of the Church and surrounded by the love and prayer of family and friends at the age
replica ray bans of 69. Father Murray is deeply mourned by his family, the clergy, religious and lay faithful of the Diocese of Hamilton and the Canadian Armed Forces Chaplaincy. Father Murray was the son of the late Clemens and M. Vera (Lynett) Farwell and survived by his loving sisters Joan Thomas and Marjorie MacDonald and husband Wayne, several nephews and nieces. Predeceased by his sister, Elaine Kunda, brother in law Warner Thomas. Born on June 28, 1945 in Mount Forest, Ontario, he was ordained to the priesthood in the Cathedral of Christ the King, Hamilton, Ontario on the 13 May, 1972. In the five and half years following his ordination he was assigned to several parishes. In November 1977 he joined the Canadian Military as a chaplain and served across Canada, Europe and the Middle East with exceptional dedication and ministry to all. He attained the rank of Brigadier General in 1999 and was named the Chaplain General of the Canadian Military. In 2000, he had the solemn and historic honour of repatriating Canada’s Unknown Soldier from Vimy Ridge, France and presided over the interment in Ottawa at the National War Memorial. In 2001, he was made a Commander of the Order of Military Merit by the Governor General of Canada. Following his retirement from the Canadian Military in 2002, Father Farwell eagerly and generously served as pastor of Saint Mary of the Purification in Mount Forest and St. Peter Parish in Ayton. Father Farwell’s love of his priestly ministry was reflected through his pastoral solicitude for all of the people of God, those with or without faith and had a particular affection for
discount ray bans the parish of his baptism. to the Church of
cheap ray bans St. Mary of the Purification. The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated by the Most Reverend David Douglas Crosby, Bishop of Hamilton, at 12 noon. Private Rite of Committal will take place at a future date in the family plot at St. Clements Cemetery, St. Clements, Ontario. Requiescat in pace Arrangements entrusted to The England Funeral Home, Mount Forest, OntarioArticles Connexes:

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Fund Descriptions

Available Funds and Eligibility Criteria

There are seven funds available with specific eligibility criteria. Please read the descriptions and criteria thoroughly before applying. All internships must be full time (approximately 40 hours per week) for at least eight weeks or 320 hours with a legally operating nonprofit organization, for profit employer, or government agency.

Class of 1965 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Internship Fund (MLK Fund) ($5,000)First years, sophomores or juniors from all majors, with high financial need and in good academic standing, may apply.

Career Ready Internship Fund (up to $4,000)

The Great Lakes Career Ready Internship fund will pay $10 per hour for time worked at a high quality, off campus, and domestic internship that provides meaningful work experience related to the student major.

Funded Internships: Through partnerships with alumni, parents and employers, the Career Center has identified and approved over a dozen organizations to receive funding to host an Oberlin student. Funded Internships will be available on ObieOpps in late February/early March. Students are strongly encouraged to research the organization, review the internship description and apply by March 22, 2015. The organization will interview and select interns. Funded Internships guarantee financial support for students who meet the Career Ready Internship Fund eligibility requirements.

Sophomores or juniors from all majors, with high or moderate financial need, and in good academic standing may apply.

International Study Fund (up to $5,000)

The International Study Fund will provide stipends for students to participate in summer internships, service learning or applied research projects conducted abroad. The fund is intended to support students who need assistance to cover the cost of airfare, lodging, dining, ground transportation and other expenses associated with travel abroad. location, and it may be paid or for credit, but not both. Students should seek organizations that will expose them to a global dimension that complements the their studies and offers a transformative international experience.

First years, sophomores or juniors from all majors, in good academic standing, may apply. Priority will be given to students with significant coursework in international topics and articulated connection between the internship/opportunity and the student’s course of study.

Students with demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply

International students are eligible as long as their visa allows them to participate in an internship/opportunity within the identified country.

Creativity Leadership (C Internship Stipend (up to $2,500)

Students completing internships related to entrepreneurship are encouraged to apply for the C Internship Stipend. Internships might include but are not limited to: conducting research or investigating a potential venture with an experienced entrepreneur, serving as an intern with an established organization or individual/team engaged in a successful venture, interning with a
fake ray bans startup organization, or receiving mentoring and developing skills to further personal entrepreneurial aspirations. Internships may be with nonprofit or for profit organizations. Funding is intended to offset expenses related to the internship. Students will be judged on their ability to persuasively convey the value of the internship to their entrepreneurial aspirations and to articulate a clear understanding of the organization’s internship.

First years, sophomores, juniors, 5th years or graduating seniors from all majors, in good academic standing, may apply

Strong interest in entrepreneurship and/or plans to undertake an entrepreneurial venture.

Marion B. Anderson 1954 Fund for Aspiring Peace Activists (up to $2,500)

The Marion B. Anderson fund supports student participation in peace oriented activities, organizing to promote reallocation of resources to non military needs, and "anti war" projects in the United States during the summer. Domestic anti war activism proposals are particularly welcome. Funding is available for serving as an intern with an established organization or an independent project focused on the areas listed above. The award was created to promote idealism and a dedication to political activism, particularly in the realm of peace organizing.

Sophomores and juniors from all majors, in good academic standing, may apply

Students must identify an Oberlin College faculty sponsor/mentor on their
fake ray bans application

Harvey Gittler Internship Fund in Civil Liberties (up to $2,500)

The Harvey Gittler Internship Fund in Civil Liberties provides financial support to students who pursue summer internships with agencies and other organizations that work on issues related to civil liberties. Mr. Gittler’s commitment to the Ohio branch of the American Civil Liberties Union extended over 25 years and he served in every leadership position with the organization.

First years, sophomores or juniors from all majors, in good academic standing, may
cheap ray bans apply

Students with demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply

Career Center Summer Internship Stipend (up to $2,500)

The Career Center Summer Internship Stipend provides need based stipends to support students completing an
discount ray bans unpaid internship with a nonprofit or for profit organization in any career field, or community service. Funding is not available for independent projects. The stipends are made possible by the Class of 1968 Endowed Leadership Award, Peter Goldsmith Endowed Internship Fund, Career Development Fund, Godlove Rubin Public Interest Internship Fund and the Young Alumni Internship Fund.Articles Connexes:

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Death and Neglect at Rikers Island Women’s Jail

Eichelberger writes: "After Judy Jean Caquias died in Rikers Island custody last year, her youngest sister received a box from her old apartment with all of her personal belongings. Her whole life distilled into a pile of odds and ends: pictures of family, old papers from school, an iron on patch of a woman with a rainbow flag flying."

A view of buildings at the Rikers Island penitentiary complex in New York on May 17, 2011. (photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images)

fter Judy Jean Caquias died in Rikers Island custody last year, her youngest sister received a box from her old apartment with all of her personal belongings. Her whole life distilled into a pile of odds and ends: pictures of family, old papers from school, an iron on patch of a woman with a rainbow flag flying. Yankees memorabilia, an Obama sticker, a political flier: "Demand housing for the homeless." A program for a community play she’d been cast in, and on the cover, a picture of her as a sad clown holding an American flag. And photos of herself: a grainy selfie she took in her bedroom wearing a gray tank top and gold chain, with close cut gray hair and reading glasses. Another where she’s a little thinner, in a white baseball cap and gray hoodie, eyebrows raised and mouth slightly open as if she’s about to say something.

On May 6 of last year, Caquias who everyone knew as Jackie was incarcerated at Rikers on a years old warrant for having missed drug court dates. She was a tough lady at 61, according to the defense lawyer in her criminal case. But she had a history of liver disease, including a bout of Hep C, and in her 20s and 30s she had been addicted to heroin, which can also cause liver damage. Jackie had done time before on drug related charges but that was long ago. "She was very frightened of spending time in jail after all that time out," her former lawyer Ilissa Brownstein says.

On Jackie’s second day at the Rose M. Singer Center, the island’s only women’s facility, the medical clinic ran lab tests that showed Jackie’s liver was severely stressed. Blood work two weeks later showed the same. Yet the doctors at Rikers didn’t send Jackie to a gastroenterologist for a liver exam. Instead, they prescribed her Tylenol 3 and iron, both dangerous for people with liver problems. The Tylenol 3 was discontinued after a week, but even after medical staff ordered the iron be stopped, the pharmacy continued dispensing it. Less than a month after Jackie arrived at Rose M. Singer, her system began to fail. She grew disoriented and delusional, and began
replica ray ban sunglasses vomiting so severely that blood and bodily tissue came up all signs of acute liver failure. On June 25, 2014, after spending weeks in Elmhurst Hospital comatose and hooked up to machines, Jackie died. This according to a proposed amended notice of claim for a lawsuit to be filed this summer by her sister Daria Widing, and an analysis of health records by the medical expert hired for the case. The lawsuit, which will seek $20 million in damages, will charge that negligence by the City of New York contributed to Jackie’s death.

New York City’s chief medical examiner listed Jackie’s cause of death as "complications of upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage complicating hepatic cirrhosis due to Hepatitis C due to chronic substance abuse," according to the medical expert. The New York State Commission of Correction, which conducts inmate mortality reviews, determined that Jackie’s cause of death was natural, and the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), in charge of overseeing Rikers medical care, reviewed Jackie’s case and closed it shortly after her death.

Both DOHMH and Corizon, the private company that runs medical services at Rikers, say that privacy law prohibits them from commenting on the medical care of individuals. Corizon says it is "deeply saddened by any death."

I asked several former Rose M. Singer inmates if they had known Jackie. When I asked Namala Conteh, there was silence on the line. Then the memory filtered back: "Oh my god, the one that passed away? Oh my you just reopened my wound again. The crazy thing is I I mmmmmm, fuck. It’s crazy. That Oh my god."

Conteh was there at the clinic when Jackie was finally taken in. "They were so neglectful," she says of the staff. "They had that blood all over their hands."

Jackie’s death appears to fit a pattern; a series of health care related deaths alongside the never ending reports of brutality in the Rikers men’s jails have dominated headlines in recent months. Last year, the AP reported that poor medical care at Rikers had helped precipitate at least 15 inmate deaths over the past five years. After medical staff failed to treat a 59 year old inmate for constipation, he died of complications from an infected bowel. Another man went into a diabetic coma and died within two days of being incarcerated. According to a complaint filed by his family, a 19 year old boy who complained of chest pain for seven months was never given an X ray and died in 2013 from a tear in his aorta. The New York Times recently detailed another death, that of Bradley Ballard, an inmate with schizophrenia and diabetes who died after being locked in his cell for six days without medication or running water.

But "women prisoners often get overlooked," says Amy Fettig, a senior counsel at the ACLU’s National Prison Project. The island’s women’s jail, known as Rosie, is home to about 600 of the 11,000 inmates at Rikers. "In some facilities you might not see beat ups, but you’ll see the violence of not receiving appropriate health care," she says. Medical records, inmate complaint data, and interviews with current and former inmates bear this out.

Pharmaceutical errors like the ones that may have contributed to Jackie’s death aren’t uncommon at Rosie. Between July of last year and April 2015, the Legal Aid Society the largest provider of legal services to the city’s poor received complaints from 17 Rosie inmates who said their prescriptions had gone unfilled or their meds were discontinued for no apparent reason. Two Rosie inmates The Intercept spoke with described recent instances in which they received the wrong medication or the wrong dosage.

Last September, Kim Midyett went down to the clinic because she was feeling sweaty and shaky. According to medical records, her blood sugar had plummeted. Midyett told a doctor that earlier that morning, a nurse had injected her with 12 units of insulin instead of the prescribed six. That’s not a trivial error, says Dr. Josiah Rich, a prison health care expert at Brown University. "The wrong dose of insulin can kill you."

Virdie Emmanuel, who landed on Rikers in January 2014, has dark circles under her eyes, a sweet smile and a grand larceny conviction. Emmanuel’s health problems began at age 10, when her appendix ruptured. By 20, she had Crohn’s disease and says she "basically lived at Mount Sinai [Hospital] for weeks at a time." The diseases and disorders kept piling up. Now, on top of Crohn’s, the 41 year old has rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, fibromyalgia, morbid obesity, anemia, asthma, PTSD, anxiety and depression, according to medical records. By 2013, Emmanuel says she was buried in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. She was arrested for and pleaded guilty to charging $1.3 million worth of personal expenses to her employer’s account. Emmanuel says it was to pay off her medical debt.

Once in jail, her health began to deteriorate further. Emmanuel takes about a dozen pills a day
discount ray bans to manage her conditions. Last winter, her prescription for Lyrica, a fibromyalgia drug, was allowed to lapse, causing her severe muscle pain and numbness.
cheap ray bans And she submitted complaints about receiving the wrong meds several times over the past year. In January, medical director Lisa Choleff admitted in a response to a complaint form Emmanuel had submitted that she had "received the wrong medication for several months, then when it was caught, medical did not prescribe it to her, yet pharmacy had been dispensing it to her."

After an inmate death in 2010, the New York State Commission of Correction ordered Corizon, which is the largest private correctional health care provider in the country, to evaluate why patients’ medications were often discontinued after admission. And in 2011, after another death, the commission demanded the company fix problems with its dispensation of psychotropic meds and review its pharmacists’ professional qualifications.

Corizon says its employees "work hard to provide our patients with appropriate care including providing all treatment and medication that is clinically indicated." And yet the company which services 345,000 inmates in 531 jails, prisons and detention facilities around the country has built itself a reputation for cutting costs and putting patients’ lives at risk. Corizon was reportedly sued 660 times for malpractice between 2008 and 2013, and has been implicated in class action lawsuits filed by the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The company says its "patient population is highly litigious," and that the "existence of a suit is not necessarily indicative of quality of care or any wrongdoing."

New York City attempted to prevent the company from cutting corners when it hired Corizon’s corporate predecessor, Prison Health Services, in 2000. The city’s cost plus contract with the company keeps Corizon from skimping on lab tests or specialty care or prescriptions in order to jack up profits. And DOHMH provides heavy oversight of health care on the island.

But inmate medical care involves treating high volumes of very sick people in a grim and often can be hard for any jail health care operation. Since last fall, two Corizon staffers at Rikers have been arrested for smuggling contraband into the jail. In July 2010, a Rikers doctor was arrested for sexually abusing a female inmate. That same month, another doctor resigned over questions about the validity of his certification to provide medical care to inmates. And in 2000, before Corizon hired her, medical director Lisa Choleff had her license restricted for several years on a rare disciplinary action over charges of "gross negligence, gross incompetence and negligence, and incompetence on more than one occasion." She notes in her public profile at the New York State Department of Health that the disciplinary action "has now been resolved." She did not respond to a request for comment.

DOHMH notes that it conducts regular credentialing reviews of physicians and PAs. Corizon says its staff "have taken the same Hippocratic and nursing oaths as those in hospitals and medical facilities across the country."

The company emphasizes: "We consider it our mission to care for our patients as we would our own family." But at a recent city council hearing, Corizon’s chief medical officer, Dr. Calvin Johnson, was at a loss when a council member asked what specific reforms the company had recommended to improve care at Rikers in the wake of the recent string of deaths. Despite rephrasing the question six times, the council member never got a direct answer.

To get to Rikers, you have to wind your way to the top of Queens and then cross a long low bridge over Flushing Bay, which circles the island to the south. As Jackie crossed the bridge, she probably saw planes lifting off from LaGuardia for another coast or country rising over the wide bay, then over the mouth of the East River to the north of the island. She might have seen a diagonal of seagulls in the sky. She might have smelled the smell of the raw sewage overflow that empties into the bay after a rain before she headed toward the compound’s concentric fences and swirls of razor wire.

Jackie was arrested in Harlem last year while talking on the phone with her sister Daria Widing, waiting for a downtown bus. After a 2009 arrest for selling heroin, a judge had ordered Jackie to go to drug court, which required her to be free from painkillers. She was facing intense pain from an injured knee and back, and according to her former defense attorney, eventually decided to go back on her pain meds. A few months in, she started missing court dates and a warrant was issued. In May 2014, the police picked her up and Jackie was sentenced to jail.

Eighty four percent of women incarcerated nationwide are locked up for a nonviolent crimes. Most are
cheap ray bans poor. A disproportionate number are black or Hispanic.

Jackie grew up in the Washington Projects in Spanish Harlem in a big Catholic family. She was a teenager in the 1960s, a 20 something in the 1970s, and she was gay when being gay was fringe. So she fell in where she belonged. She was a hippie and did hippie things. She traveled the country. She used drugs. She did time here and there, usually on drug related charges. "She visited a great many states through their penal systems," Widing laughs.

And she became an activist. Jackie joined the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican nationalist group that worked on police brutality, education, health care and tenants’ rights. In the late’70s, she and some friends launched a crisis intervention service for teens called HOTLINE Cares.Articles Connexes:

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Bowyer’s sponsor ‘good’ with NASCAR after questioning integrity

Sponsor 5 Hour Energy committed to three more years with Clint Bowyer,
cheap ray bans right, and team owner
fake ray bans Michael
fake ray bans Waltrip, this week.(Photo: Jerome Miron, USA TODAY Sports)KANSAS CITY, Kan. After questioning NASCAR’s integrity last season, the president of 5 Hour Energy said the company’s sponsorship extension with Clint Bowyer is an endorsement of the Sprint Cup Series’ direction.

"We’re good," 5 Hour president Scott Henderson said Friday at Kansas Speedway, where the company launched a new flavor that will help benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. "Obviously, we wouldn’t have signed up for three more years if we weren’t OK with it."

Last September at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Henderson cast doubt on the sponsor’s future in NASCAR in the wake of a race manipulation scandal at Richmond International Raceway. NASCAR levied an unprecedented penalty on Michael Waltrip Racing drivers Bowyer, Martin Truex Jr. and Brian Vickers, but the sanctioning body issued lighter punishments to Team Penske and Front Row Motorsports.

NASCAR chairman Brian France also expanded the Chase for the Sprint Cup field to 13 drivers, which didn’t seem to please Henderson.

"There’s a lot of talk
discount ray bans about integrity," Henderson told reporters at New Hampshire. "When the guy who’s in charge can say, ‘I can do whatever I want and I’m going to do it and I just did,’ I wonder about integrity. I want to make sure we can win in this sport, OK?"

PHOTOS: How the Richmond Chase scandal unfolded

Clint Bowyer (15) set off a chain reaction of controversy when he spun out late in Saturday night’s Sprint Cup race at Richmond International Raceway. NASCAR found that Bowyer and Michael Waltrip Racing teammate Brian Vickers manipulated the outcome under team orders. Bowyer, Vickers and teammate Martin Truex Jr. were each docked 50 points, and Michael Waltrip Racing was fined a NASCAR record $300,000.

"I’m not in charge," he said. " I wouldn’t change the rules in the middle of the season, but I think we’re OK.

"Last year was probably a learning experience for everybody. Obviously, they made some changes on how the Chase is done this year. So I don’t know Brian France personally. I haven’t talked to him. (NASCAR president) Mike Helton is a good guy, I’m sure they sat down in the offseason and figured out how do we structure this so it works going forward. Obviously, they made some pretty radical changes. So I think they got it."

EXTENSION: Bowyer, sponsor agree to three more years

Henderson said 5 Hour began putting together the extension for Bowyer’s No. 15 Toyota at the end of last season. In an extension announced Tuesday with Bowyer’s new three year contract, the company will remain as the primary sponsor for 24 races annually on the Camry. It’s also the title sponsor of Saturday’s race at Kansas, Bowyer’s home track.

Henderson said 5 Hour likes the return on its NASCAR investment through TV coverage, sales revenue and racetrack hospitality for retailers.

"We like Clint, we like MWR," he said. "NASCAR works for us. It’s a great platform, a great sport. Great fans, great support all the way around. Once we got through the bumps, it wasn’t a difficult decision."Articles Connexes:

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June 1 From The Argus

Primavera Sound is 15 years old. The festival in Barcelona has grown from a one day, one stage event to a gathering of music fans and professionals which now encompasses an entire week.

The expansion is, in part, inspired by Brighton’s The Great Escape festival. There are talks, debates and networking sessions for industry professionals to debate the what ifs of the musical future. Adam Ryan, programmer of the Brighton event, even appeared on a panel debating the growth in music festivals at this year’s event.

Not that the 50,000 punters who come to the beautiful Brutalist site in the northern tip of the Catalan city spend much time attending the delegation events. They come for the atmosphere, the setting and the music. They come to browse Rough Trade On Tour a huge tented market stall selling retro T shirts and vintage vinyl to meet old friends from previous years and to chat into the early morning and eat perritos (little hot dogs).

And, because Primavera has grown up much like Glastonbury, its supporters come whatever the line up.

Artists have the same approach. Shellac, the noise rock power trio formed by Steve Albini, have performed at Primavera ten times. This year they were out on the Adidas Originals Stage, where they thrashed through tracks from their first album for seven years, Dude Incredible. The title track was as tight as Albini’s Levi’s, with the main man screaming and delivering meaty, precise riffs over Todd Trainer’s charging drums.

Bespectacled Cornflake Girl Tori Amos, on
fake ray bans the other hand, made her Barcelona debut on the Ray Ban stage.

New songs from the 50 year old’s fourteenth studio album, Unrepentant Geraldines, felt like the sound of a feminist icon growing up. But it was classics The Waitress and Raspberry Swirl, those abstract tales of relationships made even darker with heavy programming and low end electronica, which brought the open air arena to its feet.

Sleaford Mods have a more direct approach to expressing frustration. Singer Jason Williamson
cheap ray bans and programmer Andrew Fearn sound like Shane Meadows meets The Streets. On stage it’s painfully and brilliantly simple. Williamson marched to and from the microphone, flicked his ear, drenched himself in water, eye balled the audience and, most importantly, meant every word he sang. Fearn triggered the cranky indie and danced behind his laptop, a sort of Bez with talent.

If the locals didn’t catch the nuances of Williamson’s patter or get the cultural references to austerity Britain, they certainly understood the order when the band had seemingly finished and left the stage.

"Where the do you think you’re going?" screamed Williamson again and again as he stormed back on. The filthy, potty mouthed attitude was, somehow, a breath of fresh air.

Belle Sebastian drew the biggest crowd of the weekend to the ATP stage (a site programmed by the people behind the festival which once graced Camber Sands). Few bands have continued to deliver such dependable artistic quality over as many albums without ever
replica ray bans having made the mainstream. There can surely be no higher compliment in the music industry.

The show felt like a celebration, not least because there was
cheap ray bans an impromptu version of happy birthday for Stuart Murdoch’s two year old son, Danny.

The Party Line, with its disco beat and 1980s lick, driving bass and glossy synths, set the tone for an upbeat, snappy set. Funny Little Frog sounded surprisingly fresh, but the highlight was The Boy With The Arab Strap, that classic title track from the group’s third and career defining record, with the crowd invited on stage to dance with Murdoch and his five bandmates.

alt J have delivered a strong second album and in the three years since winning the Mercury Music Prize become a formidable live unit. They had the best sound at the festival suggesting life on the road has turned them into professional musicians rather than a bunch of talented student musicians. It was all about drummer Thom Green’s clever rhythms and dynamic playing, which lay the foundations for singer Joe Newman’s distinctive vocals. The band seem to know as much, too, with Green at the front stage right, and the band sharing the limelight.

The Leeds quartet played the Heineken stage, which a night earlier had seen James Blake close the stage with his louche electronica and digital ballads making for mellow, slow paced set. Earlier, punk’s poet laureate Patti Smith had the best of the Friday dusk, and brought a band to play Horses in full. And, as the classic refrain of Gloria rang around the site and out to the sea, it felt like an anthem for the event’s 15 year birthday.Articles Connexes:

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Ray Equipment Market Is Expected To Reach

This article was originally distributed via SproutNews.WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study 2 D X Ray Equipment: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021. The 2015 study has 256 pages, 109 tables and figures. Worldwide 2 D X Ray equipment markets are increasingly diversified, poised to achieve significant growth as new technology breathes new life into a saturated market, forcing
cheap ray bans every facility to upgrade its existing x ray equipment to have digital and therapeutic capability.Any hospital that wishes to remain competitive needs to invest in new 2 D x ray equipment. As patients become more conscious of the risks associated with radiation doses. They increasingly demand the lowest dose available and will shop around until they find a hospital that suits their needs. Clinicians and providers are the same way.Worldwide digital X ray applications are implemented with different
cheap ray ban sunglasses technologies. Portability has become a major market factor. Products are customized to fit the needs of the clinician end user. Price and geography play a major part in the market. They are positioned in the market by application. Growth is anticipated based on technological advances, government investment, aging population, increase in disease prevalence, and the increasing competition from larger numbers of systems being approved. X Ray technology is far less expensive and results in as much as 400 times less dosage to the patient than a CT scan.Read Complete Report With TOC at:As hospital budgets remain constrained, hospital administrators prefer the workflow improvements brought by modern digital x ray equipment. The high capital cost of MRI and CT scans work against further investment in those technologies. There is a significant installed base, the large capital outlays for MRI and CT have been made, so now the issue becomes efficacy and radiation dose to the patient. Imaging equipment investment works in favor of modern digital x ray equipment that offers significant workflow improvements and significantly more clear images.Maximizing patient care by lowering the radiation dose and minimizing cost of ownership in working in favor of further investment in x ray equipment. By improving workflow, modern digital x ray systems
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Turning back time

There is no
discount ray ban sunglasses end in sight for fashion’s infatuation with the Reagan era. Fast fashion chains are stocking Ray Ban rip offs, tapered jeans are seeping back into style and neon colors are all the rage, so naturally the cheapie plastic sports watch is once again a bona fide accessory.

And is it ever a watch for our times. Most can be had for
replica ray bans less than $100.

Swatch, the Swiss brand that sparked a worldwide craze for bold, cartoony watches 25 years ago, is still kicking out timepieces fit for a "Square Pegs" episode.

Freestyle USA has
fake ray ban sunglasses reissued
fake ray ban sunglasses its Shark watch the zany, multicolored watches were big with Southern California surfers in the early 80s.

And Paul Frank is doing the nerdy chic thing with a red, rubbery calculator watch.

Vans has a bubble gum pink watch that scrolls the time across its screen in red digital numbers, ticker tape style.

For a more subtle take on the trend, Casio G Shock, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in May, has an oversized gray model flecked with neon green, or the slightly smaller Casio Baby G in solid white.

This time around, it’s not about pairing neon watches with fluorescent Body Glove T shirts. Subtlety is key. Think of these timepieces as colorful plumage, best revealed in unexpected ways say, a black sheath dress with a chunky red sports watch, or a neon Shark with a white silk blouse. "The watches are naturally very casual, so wearing them at night with a dressy outfit when it doesn’t make much sense is really interesting."Articles Connexes:

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Royal Oak holds off on medical marijuana ban

Before the marathon meeting, about 50 protesters gathered outside City Hall
replica ray bans with signs saying: "Stay out of my medicine cabinet," "End the war on medical marijuana" and "No more pills, no more shots, let us have our medical pot."

Jeff Witters, a patient from Royal Oak, said he uses medical marijuana to deal with migraines following the removal of a non cancerous brain tumor.

"You’re well within your right to say no dispensaries but to punish individuals growing their own medical marijuana is wrong," Jacokes said. "I get the feeling the four commissioners are trying to impose their own moral values."

Two weeks ago the commission voted 4 3 in favor of the ban, which would prohibit all land uses in violation of federal law. Because the possession and use of marijuana is illegal under federal law, possession and use of medical marijuana would be a violation of the city’s zoning law.

However, the ordinance change needed a second vote to go into effect. The votes weren’t there this week. City Commissioners Pat Capello and David Poulton joined Mayor Jim Ellison and City Commissioners Michael Andrzejak and Jim Rasor
cheap ray ban sunglasses in opposition to the ban until they study the issue more.

Rasor reminded his colleagues, particularly City Commissioner Chuck Semchena, that 63 percent Michigan voters and 72 percent of Royal Oak voters approved medical marijuana in 2008.

"I won’t ignore 24,000 people who said they want this in Royal Oak," Rasor said. "Almost seven times more people voted for medical marijuana than you Mr. Semchena."

Semchena’s response: "I support medical marijuana. I just don’t support the current (state) law."

He said the Michigan law doesn’t mention the word "house," doesn’t address dispensaries and allows patients and caregivers to grow quantities that exceed what a person needs.

"The excess will end up somewhere and that’s usually with people who make bad decisions." Semchena said.

He did vote in favor of extending a temporary moratorium on dispensaries, which was approved for another 120 days until mid February.

During that time, Capello said, "Hopefully we can get a better idea of what we want."

She wants to take another look at a Plan Commission recommendation to make two exceptions to the ban for patients one to allow qualified patients to grow their own medical marijuana in their homes and the other to allow registered caregivers to grow it
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In the meantime, Brook told commissioners to remember his face.

"If you pass this (ban) I can guarantee you I will be forced to sue Royal Oak," he said. "I worked hard to pass the state law and I expect the city I live in to adhere to it."

Before the meeting, City Attorney David Gillam said if the ban had passed, anyone using medical marijuana in compliance with the state law would have been grandfathered in.

"Anyone who can establish this use was going on when the ordinance was adopted is considered to be legally non conforming," Gillam said.

That was little comfort to patients and advocates for medical marijuana users. They said they want people diagnosed in the future with cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other debilitating diseases to have access to as a relief from pain, nausea from chemotherapy and
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Videos on Fashion Line

Actress Sonam Kapoor, best dressed celebrity on the front line of Indian fashion, was a front row
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Lionel Messi’s Purple Patch of Confusion

AgenceFrance Presse Tuesday January
discount Michael Kors 13, 2015

Lionel Messi’s spangly suit was the latest of a long line of fashion statements at?Ballon d’Or where he was beaten to the top award by Cristiano Ronaldo. He made notable headlines two years ago with a striking polka dot outfit.

Gwyneth Paltrow To Turn
fake Michael Kors Fashion Designer

The actress also looks up to Manish Malhotra for his energy
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At 13, She is a Successful Fashion Designer

World News
cheap Michael Kors outlet Associated Press Wednesday August 27, 2014

At the age of 9, Isabella Rose Taylor a painter since she was 3 took a weeklong sewing class with an eye toward incorporating textiles into her artwork. She quickly discovered a love for fashion design as well, taking the class twice more that su.

Russian ex
Michael Kors outlet spy Anna Chapman launches fashion line

World News Agence France Presse Friday January 10, 2014

Former Russian spy Anna Chapman, who has cultivated a
fake Michael Kors sex bomb image since her return to Moscow,
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Rani Mukherji wears white for Yash Chopra

Chandni Thursday November 28, 2013

The white clad Yash Chopra heroine, as made famous by actress Sridevi in Chandni, got an outing at the opening of the first Diva’ni (the fashion line inspired by the late director) store in New Delhi.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: